The visual complexity of solar storms

Research published in AGU Space Weather journal: Jones et al. 2020: The visual complexity of coronal mass ejections follows the solar cycle

We asked citizen scientists to compare pairs of images of solar storms.

We used these data to rank 1110 solar storms by visual complexity.

We found that the average visual complexity varies with the solar cycle!

Listen to Shannon present this research at a conference…

Protect our Planet from Solar Storms – new activity!

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Protect our Planet from Solar Storms: Results are in!

Hi all, Thanks to everyone who compared solar storms in ‘Protect our Planet from Solar Storms’ – we now have results to share with you! We have used your comparisons to rank 1100 solar storms in order of how complicated, or complex they appeared. Figure 1 shows three solar storms from the ranking. The left-hand … More

What do you see as a “complex” solar storm?

Thank you very much for all your help with our solar storm research over the past year – we’ve made some good progress, thanks to you! Some of you might have seen our project ‘Protect our Planet from Solar Storms’, which we launched back in May with the Science Museum. Here citizen scientists compared images … More