Solar Stormwatch

Creating a Solar Stormwatch Catalogue from YOUR clicks.

Hello, I’m Luke and I work with Chris Scott (formerly Davis!) at the University of Reading as a postdoctoral research assistant. Recently I’ve been doing some work with the large amount of Trace-it data that has been generated over the last few years. We thought it was a good time to update everyone on the … More

Clicks to Predictions I – Incoming trace – Identify Storms

Every four hours we pull all the data from incoming trace-it from the database, this give us a massive file with lines looking like. 20110601_014721_hiB_jmap_999,99437,2455712.838797814:43.66942148760331,2455712.707650273:40.36363636363637,2455712.5765027324:36.09366391184573,2455712.2996357013:29.757575757575758,2455712.0956284152:25.074380165289255,2455711.87704918:19.56473829201102,2455711.5710382513:14.46831955922865,2455711.3233151184:9.096418732782368 This is broken down as follows:- 20110601_014721_hiB_jmap_999 – the name of the jmap – identifies the latest data in the jmap, the camera and in this case that the data … More

First results from trace-it!

Now that you have been analysing the data for some time, we can now start to look at the results that are coming out from your anayses. First off, thank you all for your efforts. I’m genuinely humbled that so many of you have taken time to click on our data. We have been using … More