Protect our Planet from Solar Storms – new activity!

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well in these strange times.

Here at Solar Stormwatch, we have some exciting news for you, which might help keep you entertained over the coming weeks (assuming you aren’t already busy helping with the many other Zooniverse projects which exist now!).

We have just launched a new activity on Protect our Planet from Solar Storms. This involves drawing around solar storms, in a similar way to Solar Stormwatch II.

Example image from the new activity!

In Solar Stormwatch II, we are looking at how the solar storms which occurred in 2011 and 2012, evolve as they travel past the camera.

In this new activity, we are using the same solar storm images we showed you in the Protect our Planet from Solar Storms comparison activity. These show 1100 different solar storms which occurred between 2008 and 2016.

Now that we have used your comparisons to rank these solar storms (you can see the results here), we wish to continue our research by asking a computer to analyse these images. However, computers are not good at separating the solar storms from the image background, so we are asking for your help again!

If you liked the old activity, don’t fret – we have also uploaded a new type of image which we would like you to compare.

These are images which have been processed (see Chris’s explanation here!), but have not been differenced (we haven’t subtracted another image from it), which means that the background star field is still visible.

An example of the new images on the Protect our Planet from Solar Storms comparison activity.

Your comparisons will help us determine whether “complexity” is the same in these images and the differenced images which we showed first.

Thanks for reading – please give us a hand if you have time! You can choose which activity to do on the project home page (see below), and please ask us any questions you have on the project talk page!

Protect our Planet from Solar Storms home page, choose your activity using the buttons shown in the blue circle!

Shannon & the Solar Stormwatch II team

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