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Our first storm prediction in real-time!

Tin hats on everyone! Stormwatchers have been tracking a solar storm launched from the Sun on the 14th October. Analysis of your results shows that this storm, travelling at 244 km per second, will cross Earth’s orbit at 14:43 GMT on the 21st October just 37 degrees ahead of our planet. While this is not expected to be a direct hit, we may still suffer a glancing blow so look out for auroral displays around this time. Stormwatchers have enabled this forecast by participating in the ‘Incoming -Trace it’ activity and have been doing such a great job that we can now start to issue warnings ahead of their arrival at Earth. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and patience. The more people we have looking out for and tracking these storms, the better our forecasts will be, so tell your friends!