‘Trace it’ – our plan for developing automated alerts

Those of you who have been following recent solar activity in the ‘Incoming!’ game may be forgiven for thinking that solar storms are like buses. We wait around for ages with no sign of one and then we get several at once!

The great thing about having so many people scrutinising our data from all around the world is that someone, somewhere will be the first to see something and we in the UK do not have to sit up all night wondering if something new is happening. We have seen how solar storms can be identified in near real-time with the ‘Incoming!’ game and now that ‘Trace it’ is up and running, you can help us make a more precise assessment of the speed and direction of each storm.

We intend to analyse your data as you process it. If enough of you agree that a storm is Earth-directed, we will then issue an automated alert on Twitter to ensure that scientists, aurora-watchers, spacecraft operators and astronauts can all benefit from the advanced warning that such a space-weather forecast will provide.

Thanks again for all your time, effort and enthusiasm,



  1. Ive been poking around for solar data and looks like the last solar storm over 150 Years ago really wreaked havoc on our analog systems. I really beleive that it can really cause mayhem with ALL computer systems (no exeptions here, basic or critical) that we rely on for critical data or simple day to day operations. Also interrupting our power resources… Ill be periodically monitoring this site for data!! Thanks!!

  2. I have a question: ¿Was the latest solarstorm, last two weeks, which caused The problems in the International Space Station?

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