Stormwatch Science – what would you like to know?

Thanks to Neel for his ‘life as a scientist’ piece. While Neel is busy writing up his results, Stormwatch is gearing up for the next release of activities with which we hope to be analysing each storm in much greater detail. As we accumulate data from all your dedicated analysis, we are starting to get some preliminary science results that, at some point, when we are confident that we are interpreting them correctly, we will want to share with you so that you can see the outcome of your hard work. the question is, how would you like us to do this? Obviously there is the blog and the forum but are there any other ways you would like us to communicate the science with you?

Meanwhile, Stormwatch continues to attract media attention. This month’s (June) Sky at Night magazine contains an article summarising several astronomy projects that rely on the input from many members such as Galaxy Zoo, Moon Zoo and Solar Stormwatch (the cover disk also contains the April edition of the TV programme which is all about the Sun).

Those of you who have been looking at the real-time data will know that the Sun appears to be waking up (slowly mind you!) and this means that it is becoming increasingly likely that a CME will occur. Keep up the good work, and look out for new activities in Solar Stormwatch soon.


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