My solar stormwatch

Now that many of you have been tracking solar storms for some time, we are starting to build up enough data to identify some storms from the large numbers of people identifying them. If your estimates have agreed with others, you should now have these events listed in the ‘My Solar Stormwatch’ area of your user account along with the names of all the other zooites that agreed with you. As we identify more storms we will be asking you to investigate each one in more detail in future games but in the meantime, allow yourself the self-indulgence of sitting back with a warm satisfied feeling that you are doing well or maybe even indulge in a virtual group-hug (amongst consenting zooites of course!). Whether you are included in a group or not, don’t stop clicking just yet though. If you are now a seasoned tracker or coming to the site for the very first time, there are still plenty of events out there that need more clicks before they can be positively identified. Thanks to your hard work and enthusiasm, we’re really starting to see some results!



  1. There’s buzz about Favorites. Favorites?
    Well, if I had a favorite, it would be the recent CME of March 14, 2010. Not a direct hit to Earth, but a glancing blow.


  2. So to speak, I can’t wait to see the new observation tools, as those phases of the project would come to the public internet.

    I think it’s really interesting to see the dates progressing, across recognized incidents with the SPOT tool – let alone, to have a front row seat on solar storms. I guess I’m still not over the “wow factor”, in this – not really sure if I’d ever want to be over it, either, come to think of it 🙂

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